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The following testimonials are from clients of the Executive Coaching Network:

  • C.E.O. of a Large Corporation:
    The coaching was always something I looked forward to. I was filled with excitement and anticipation going into the coaching sessions... There was always a mixture of learning and adventure or surprise. Somehow each time we met, Steve managed to produce a new perspective on a topic I had never thought of or been aware of. Steve had an incredible ability to absorb himself in my world, be it business or private life, taking the complex interactions of human beings and breaking them down into easy and logical elements... I would come out of the meetings refreshed, invigorated and confident about being able to improve and develop myself.

    Sounds great, but did the coaching have any real tangible benefit? In my case the answer is a certain “yes”, as I found out when I was thrown into a nightmare business scenario. The company I was president of, was implicated in a fatal customer accident. Suddenly without time for preparation, my world was turned upside-down having to face Government hearings, hold press conferences, all while being stalked by the media. But it was Steve’s coaching on how to understand my own reactions to the world around me that helped me survive this once-in-a-life-time experience.

    Through Steve’s coaching over a longer period of time, I have come to appreciate and enjoy the world around me a lot more. With high levels of frustration a thing of the past, I feel for the first time in my life at ease with my surroundings and myself.

  • General Manager:
    I was somewhat sceptical about how coaching would benefit a person like myself. I had held many Senior roles over many years and I guess I felt that after 30 plus years in management without a coach, well why did I need one now. How wrong could I possibly have been!

    I found not only Executive Coaching beneficial for me personally (my personal life) but also from a business perspective. Management today is about people, it is about emotional intelligence, understanding the impact both positively and negatively one has on your people. Steve Todd has helped me be a better manager, his program has also helped me get the best out of my people. Yes today I think it is a neat idea for all senior managers to have a coach. Just like an elite athlete. We can all benefit from this approach.

  • HR Director:
    As a new member of the senior management team, the support and insight provided by these sessions has been invaluable.

    There is a natural flow to each of the sessions as we work through critical personal and professional events, to provide a heightened sense of self-awareness and focus for creating the right impact, both at work and in my personal life. Using simple but effective personal development tools and frameworks, I have not only used these sessions to develop a better understanding of myself; I feel I now have more choice, more tools and more skills available to better deal with situations and people more effectively.

  • C.E.O.:
    A few years ago I asked Steve to work with myself and my immediate senior management team. My objective was to build a team atmosphere of mutual trust and accountability where members really understood each other and accepted that each had unique strengths and weaknesses.

    Our team sessions were at times very confronting but helped to build the kind of culture where there were no “dead cats stinking under the table” that everybody knew was there but nobody wanted to raise. This was supported by individual coaching sessions which both prepared us for the team sessions as well as repaired us from them. We believe that the objective of this relationship is well achieved and that this has been one of the reasons for our success.

  • National Service Manager:
    I started off very suspicious of Executive Coaching, but thought I would give it a go “what did I have to lose”. The first couple of meetings soon changed my mind. Soon after the initial contact I felt very much at ease talking about different situations and how to approach them.

    I found talking to someone who had experienced some of the day-to-day issues I go through really helped. It has also helped me look at things from a different point of view on how to approach different situations in different ways. I would highly recommend coaching with Steve to anyone who wants to develop not only in their career, but also as an individual.

  • General Manager:
    As a General Manager within a multi-national company taking on increasingly ambitious goals I need effective change management and emotional intelligence skills. This is where Steve Todd has added tremendous value. Working one-on-one and in a team we have all developed new levels of self awareness and the ability to be more effective in the business.

    Executive coaching for our team has unquestionably led to us becoming better leaders producing better business results.

  • HR Director for Asia/Pacific:
    A functioning executive team is one of the critical building blocks for a successful organisation. When a team fails to deliver and encounters performance problems, a coherent intervention strategy is required. The intervention strategy for our organisation was to engage the services of an executive coach. Stephen, from the Executive Coaching Network, established a framework and environment where our team and individuals could openly discuss key issues and concerns, a vital starting point for a successful coaching experience.

    Stephen continually gave us insights into our team and individual behaviours that would be very difficult to draw out with internal facilitators. Stephen’s approach focused on attaining tangible results that could be measured and tracked, motivation in itself to succeed. Our partnership with Stephen started in 2000 and is still continuing today. His insights and challenges have enabled the team and individuals to perform and succeed. In this period we have moved to much higher performance levels. In essence, we are on a new plateau and still climbing higher.

    The overall outcome is nothing less than outstanding, whether it is team performance issues or development of individuals, I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen for such an assignment.

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